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This card game is based on the hit video game Robots Love Ice Cream by Dragon Army. It was named one of the best new games on both iOS and Android, surpassing over 700k downloads! You can download the video game

The tabletop version features all of the same characters and art style found in the video game plus new illustrations only available in this card game edition.


ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be creating a Kickstarter exclusive box art design that will be an option for all backers at no additional cost. Learn more in our recent update




Download the rulebook on BoardGameGeek and please fan/subscribe to the BGG listing for the game. 

To play, you first set up a planet.

Once the planet is set up, players take turns drawing weaponized ice cream cards and then use the matching sets to attack the robot invaders.

After the players get their turns, it's time for the robots to attack using their special abilities.

Each planet consists of up to three rounds with players and robots battling it out until either the planet's ice cream supply is stolen by Spinston or the planet is saved by defeating all the robots.

Between planets, players are able to purchase and equip boosts for their ice cream trucks.

After completing the fifth and final planet, victory points are counted to see if the group was successful in defending the galaxy's ice cream and which player will be declared the Champion of the Galaxy.



Don't just read about it! Play the game on Tabletopia right now. Not a Tabletopia member? You can use this link to play Robots Love Ice Cream the Card Game as a guest for free. 














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Robots Love Ice Cream: The Card Game is available world-wide. Shipping fees will be added to your pledge level when you select the destination country. Charges: $4 for US, $6 for Canada, $13 for the EU, and $18 for the rest of the world.

We will ship the games from within both the US and the EU - so any backers in EU countries will not incur VAT. Other international backers will be responsible for any import fees, brokerage or delivery surcharges, or applicable taxes they may incur upon receipt of the game. For those countries, the campaign is customs friendly due to the low price point claimed on the shipping declaration for up to a few copies - for most, this will create no added customs fees depending on the specific laws of your country. Note: the art print in the Spinston pledge level will ship separately and from the US.

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Ice Cream Truck

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MSRP: $25

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